Suez Gulf Power Plant
  • For electromechanical maintenance work in suez gulf power plant 625MW for over hall maintenance work of steam turbine, condensate water pump,circulating water pump,feed water pumps and all valves to be maintained also checking the boiler burner and superheater pipes,forced draft fans.


Degramont (French Co) For Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • For erection work of screw pump ,gear top bearing,bottom bearing Box and stop logs.
  • Also erection work of inlet penstock.
  • Also fabrication and erecation work of HDPE piping work of tanks

Saint Gobain Glass Egypt “SGGE”(French Co)
  • Annealing lehr electromechanical work.
  • Cutting line electromechanical work.
  • Reversing valve of the furnance.
  • mechanical and electrical erection work.
  • Erection work of all equipments of the factory
  • Also, for fabrication work and erection of frame racks for factory ware house to store the glass.


NOPWASD (National Organization for Potable Water and Sanitary Drainage)

  • For operation & maintenance work of 20,000 m3/day waste water treatment plant for Bessiun, Hosh’ Isa and Abu Hummus plants.




ANSCO (Ansaldo Condotte) (Italian Co.)

  • Erection of screw pumps , penstocks , primary sedimentation , final sedimentation tanks, oxidation tanks , thickener tanks .
  • Supply, fabrication work of steel structure for EL Gabel EL Asfer waste water treatment plant.



  • As sub contractor of Ansaldo Energia For Assuit Steam Power Plant 325MW




  • As sub contractor for Abu Soma project for pre-Commissioning , commissioning and start up of Desalination plant 1500 m3/day and Diesel power Plant 2X4 MW.




  • As sub contractor for EMISAL steam power plant to do the overhall maintenance of two turbine units,electrical and mechanical. Also to do the commissioning, start up and operation of turbine units




  • As manpower supply for steam power plant 1X150MW for Mejillones steam power plant in CHILE.




  • As manpower supply for construction of gas turbine frame 5 in BAHIA LAS MINAS Gas power plant in PANAMA.

E.D.F (French Co.)
  • For Suez Gulf power plant 2 x 300 MW steam power plant in Suez and also in Port Said



Suez Gulf East Power (S.A.E)
  • M.C.E.CO performed the overhall maintenance work of steam power plant 625 MW for two units in suez



Port Said
  • M.C.E.CO performed the overhall maintenance work of steam power plant 625 MW for two units in Port Said





  • For electromechanical erection work of 22 sewag waste water treatment plants also for commissioning and operation .

 ALEX. Carbon Black Factory

  • For mechanical and electrical erection work of air compressors and their panels.

  • Also pre-commissioning, tests, commissioning and start up these units.

  • As sub-contractor from "CHOOSE STAR CO." for fabrication and erection of piping work, carbon steel pipes, stainless steel pipes and P.V.C pipes.

  • As contractor for mechanical erection, pre-commissioning, commissioning and start up of automatic packing plant for ALEX. CARBON BLACK FACTORY which has the machines supplied by W.G.DURANT – U.S.A.


 ESSO Petroleum Co. (Egyptian Co.)

  • For mechanical erection work of pumping station with the piping network connected to the main line in Cairo terminal " Mostord"

  • For pump maintenance " alignment " bearing replacing, mechanical seals changing .. etc in Suez terminal and Alex. terminal.

HYUNDAI Car Factory (UK Co.)
  • As Contractor for Hyundai Car in Abu Rawash, Cairo – Alex. Desert Road for Mechanical and Electrical Erection Work with English Co." Haden Dryses Ltd." For:

    • Water Treatment Pumping Station And St Steel Pipe Work.

    • Spry Booth Humidifier and Piping Work.

    • Top Coat Booth.

    • Under Body Booth.

    • Wax Booth.

    • Humidifier A.R.P. Deck and Pipe Work.

    • L.P.H.W Pipe Work.

    • Paint Mix A.R.P.

    • Oil Removal System " Oil Separators ".

    • Acid Flushing System.

  • Also the Supply, Manufacturing of Work Deck Lighting   Arches.

  1. Pre-Clean Deck.

  2. Sealer Deck.

  3. Inspection Deck.

  4. Touch Up Deck.

  5. Wipe Deck.




 CO-OP Petroleum Co. (Egyptian Co.)

  • Crude Oil Pipe Line 8'' In Safaga Site Including Supply, Fabrication and Erection Work.

  • Refurbishment Of Crude Oil Tank In Suez Terminal Including Fabrication Work Of New Piping Network Sand Blasting And Painting Work.

  • Steel Structure Work as Supply Fabrication on and Erection Work.

  • Boiler Chemical Cleaning.

  • Tanks Chemical and Isolation.

  • New Construction of Petrol Filling Station of El Kossier Site.



MISER Petroleum Co. (Egyptian Co.)

  • Construction of New Diesel Filling Station for Coca Cola Factory.

  • Refurbishment of Diesel and Petrol Filling Station in Ras Shokir "Gapco" Petroleum Co." Including All Piping Work.

MCDC (Egyptian Co.)
  • For Supply, Fabrication and Erection Work Of Petrol Filling Station in El Gabal El Asfer Waste Treatment Plant.

El-NASER Utilities (Egyptian Co.)
  • For New Construction of Diesel Fuel Station at El Gabal El Asfer Plant.